The Colors of Us

The Colors of Us
Karen Katz

February is Black History month and to celebrate I created a program based on the picture book, The Color of Us by Karen Katz. I began by reading the book to the children and answering any questions they had.  The character in the book, Lena, makes an interesting statement that I was sure to point out to the children and ask their opinion.

The story begins with Lena and her mother preparing to paint self-portraits. While Lena’s mother explains mixing colors for the right brown, “The right brown?  But Mom, brown is brown,” Lena states. “That’s not so,” her Mom says. “There are lots of different shades of brown. Let’s take a walk. You’ll see.” So our adventure with Lena and her mother began.  This book celebrates the differences and similarities we all share.

The children enjoyed comparing our skin colors and discussing the color paints we would need to blend together.  We all had fun trying to match our many shades we brought to the program.  Cinnamon, French toast, creamy peanut butter, chocolate brown, honey, cocoa and butterscotch to name a few.

Check this book out at MPL and celebrate the color of you!

-Serena Sciarretta
Library Assistant II Youth Services

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