February Kids Picks

Here are our February staff picks of children’s books that we know you’re going to love!

Lemonade WarLemonade War
Jacqueline Davies

Evan and his younger sister, Jessie, react very differently to the news that they will be in the same class for 4th grade and as the end of summer approaches, they battle it out through lemonade stands, each trying to be the first to earn $100.

The Wild BornThe Wild Born
Brandon Mull

As a dark force engulfs the land, the fate of Erdas has fallen on the shoulders of four young strangers who each have forged a rare bond with their spirit beasts, a bond that gives great powers to all of them.

Herman and RosieHerman and Rosie
Gus Gordon

Love story of a crocodile and a deer whose lives fall “out of tune” but are brought together by “a groovy little jazz number.”

Colors of UsThe Colors of Us
Karen Katz

Seven-year-old Lena and her mother observe the variations in the color of their friends’ skin, viewed in terms of foods and things found in nature.

Colors of Us Did Lincoln Own Slaves?:
And Other Frequently Asked Questions About Abraham Lincoln

Gerald J. Prokopowicz

In the bicentennial year of Lincoln’s birth, here is the one indispensable book that provides all you need to know about our most revered president in a lively and memorable question-and-answer format.

A Rabbit-tale of Mystery

Deborah Howe

Chester the cat resorts to hilarious antics to try and alert his owners and Harold, their dog, that their newly adopted bunny may actually be a vegetable vampire.

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