Mango Premiere

mplogoIn November 2013, Mango Languages rolled out the next generation of language learning: Mango Premiere. The first and only language and culture learning system that teaches through film, learning a language has never been this fun. Language lovers across North America have used our fully interactive feature films to master new languages.

Since its debut a mere five months ago, Mango Premiere has grown to include 20 films in 7 different languages, including ESL courses. Translation: Now you can learn – and watch – your language in your underwear, with a box of popcorn. Isn’t that what it’s really all about?


Now with more movies than ever, Mango Premiere provides the unique, engaging, and (seriously) fun learning experience that all Mangos deserve to have. Don’t take our word for it – take a quick tour and get a crash course on how it all works. The system is designed to be intuitive, effective, and – of course – entertaining. And by that, we mean you can now learn Spanish from a heartfelt art flick, Japanese through an action-packed fantasy drama, English from a comedic alien hunt, German through a psychological thriller – and the list goes on. All of your wildest dreams come true? Ours, too.

Although Mango Premiere is brand new, it’s already bigger and brighter than ever before. With 20 films in 7 different languages, you can learn a language and actually have fun doing it. Ready to start a conversation? Just press play. Try Mango today!

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