American Girl Book Club: Kirsten

American Girl fans from Kindergarten-6th grade met on May 15 to discuss the American Girl of the month, Kirsten Larson. We talked about what it was like growing up on the American frontier, tried blueberry muffins, and created some fun crafts.

Kirsten Larson migrates to the American frontier from Sweden to the United States at age nine. In the book “Happy Birthday, Kirsten!” Kirsten’s friends sew a quilt for her birthday gift. This was a fun pastime for children in the 1800’s and quilts held special meanings for both the receiver and the quilter. With that in mind the first craft was for each girl to decorate their own quilt square.

The girls working hard on their quilt squares.

The finished product!

Next we made our very own American Girl necklaces using a Scrabble tile kit with epoxy stickers and small jewelry bails. The girls traced and cut out their American Girl printed images, attached the image to the tile with an epoxy sticker, and fastened the bailer to the back of the tile with a small glue dot. Then we put our new pendants on a chain necklace and proudly wore them home.

An example of the American Girl necklaces we made.

We are so proud of our crafts!

We all had a wonderful time during our American Girl Kirsten book club and all of the girls worked really hard on their craft projects. Be sure to stop by the Mooresville Public Library’s Youth Services department to see the quilt that the girls made together!

Megan Mosher
Library Assistant II

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