Kids Staff Picks for July

Kids– need some more books to read? We have them right here:

Wooden Teeth Wooden Teeth and Jellybeans
by Jay Nelson Jr.

J 973 MAS

Learn about the lives of each president and what he faced while holding our nation’s highest office. Cute cartoons and illustrations, and easy-to-learn interesting and funny facts about the lives of the presidents.

Almost Home Almost Home
by Joan Bauer


Sixth-grader Sugar and her mother lose their beloved house and experience the harsh world of homelessness.

Amulet Amulet
by Kazu Kibuishi


After moving to their ancestral home, Emily and Navin’s mother is kidnapped by a tentacled creature in the basement that leads the children on a deadly chase into the magical world below their home. Book #1

Day of Tears Day of Tears
by Jules Lester


When gambling debts and greed enter into the Butler household, Pierce Butler decides to host a slave auction and breaks his promise by selling Emma, his most-valued slave and caretaker of his children–a decision that brings about unthinkable consequences.

Candymakers The Candymakers
by Wendy Mass


When four twelve-year-olds, including Logan, who has grown up never leaving his parents’ Life Is Sweet candy factory, compete in the Confectionary Association’s annual contest, they unexpectedly become friends and uncover secrets about themselves.

Unwanteds The Unwanteds
by Lisa McMann


In a society that purges thirteen-year-olds who are creative, identical twins Aaron and Alex are separated, one to attend University while the other, supposedly Eliminated, finds himself in a wondrous place where youths learn magic. Book #1

Sugar Sugar
by Jewell Rhodes


In 1870, Reconstruction brings big changes to the Louisiana sugar plantation where spunky ten-year-old Sugar has always lived, including her friendship with Billy, the son of her former master, and the arrival of workmen from China.

Treehouse The Treehouse that Jack Built
by Bonnie Verburg


Here is the boy up in the tree where he built a house overlooking the sea. Yes! This is the tree house that Jack built! With ladders, swings, turrets, and elaborate pulley systems everywhere– animals chase one another over, under, around, and through. And then– the bell rings. Where are all the animals going?

Stick Dog Stick Dog
by Tom Watson


“Stick Dog and his four friends – Stripes, Mutt, Poo-Poo and Karen – will do anything to steal some sweet-smelling hamburgers from a family at Picasso Park!”

Custard The Tale of Custard the Dragon
Ogden Nash

E 811.52 NAS

A hapless dragon wards off the threats of a pirate in this humorous story-length poem.

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