November Kids Picks

Settle into the holiday weekend with these great kids books!

Bad Magic Bad Magic
by Pseudonymous Bosch


Magic is BAD. As in fake. Cheesy. Unreal. At least, that’s what Clay, who has seen one magic show too many, thinks. When words from his journal appear mysteriously on his school wall as graffiti, he never imagines that magic might be to blame. And when the same graffiti lands him at Earth Ranch, a camp for “troubled” kids on a remote volcanic island, magic is the last thing he expects to find there.

Deadweather and Sunrise Deadweather and Sunrise
by Geoff Rodkey


Thirteen-year-old Eggbert, a planter’s son on a pirate-infested Caribbean island chain, is on the run from a wealthy and powerful villain trying to kill him for his connection to a hidden treasure. If your child loves adventure, this is the book for them.

Monsters love colors Monsters Love Colors
written and illustrated by Mike Austin


Playful monsters combine their favorite crayons, red, yellow, and blue, to create new colors, including one never before seen. Have fun while learning how to mix colors!

As An Oak Tree Grows As An Oak Tree Grows
by G. Brian Karas


This inventive picture book relays the events of two hundred years from the unique perspective of a magnificent oak tree, showing how much the world can transform from a single vantage point. From 1775 to the present day, this fascinating framing device lets readers watch as human and animal populations shift and the landscape transitions from country to city. Methods of transportation, communication and energy use progress rapidly while other things hardly seem to change at all.

Adèle & Simon Adèle & Simon
by Barbara McClintock


“Adèle & Simon” is a beautifully illustrated story about two siblings on a walk home from school in Paris. The sister grows increasingly exasperated with her brother as he loses his things along the way. Kids will love finding the items again in each intricately detailed scene. -Mike

Construction Construction
by Sally Sutton


Hoist the wood. Hoist the wood. Chain and hook and strap. Swing it round, then lower it down. Thonk! Clonk! Clap! Build the frame. Build the frame. Hammer all day long. Make the stairs and floors and walls. Bing! Bang! Bong! Can you guess what they are building?

Mix it up Mix It Up
by Herve Tullet


Accept Hervé Tullet’s irresistible invitation to mix it up in a dazzling adventure of whimsy and wonder. Follow the artist’s simple instructions, and suddenly colors appear, mix, splatter, and vanish in a world powered only by the reader’s imagination.

What Ship is not a Ship What Ship is Not a Ship
by Harriet Ziefert


What language lesson doesn’t seem like a lesson? The fun guessing game inside this book! Clever word groupings list three things that are alike and one that it is different. For example, there are living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, but a mushroom is not a room!

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