Library expands Sensory Story Time offerings

by Lynae Vissering


Our youth services department is excited to be adding more sessions of our Learn and Play Sensory Story Time for the summer months!  This is a fun and interactive story time for all children, but especially geared towards children who may struggle with sensory integration challenges.  Some children struggle with processing common things in the environment, such as sound, light, smell or touch.  Too much or too little of these can be overwhelming to them and can make it difficult  to enjoy regular story times and other public events.  Sensory challenges are commonly seen in autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder and other developmental differences.  The program is currently scheduled on April 22nd and May 20th and we plan to add weekday sessions for the summer.

Our Sensory Story Time welcomes all abilities, but is sensitive to those kids who need to move around, stim, vocalize, or fidget.  We have sensory bags and objects, fidgets, and allow the children a bit more freedom to be themselves.  Interactive stories, felt boards and music make it a fun and welcoming environment for all children and we will accommodate any need your child might have to the best of our ability, such as lighting or volume levels.  There is also a short time at the end for free play and socialization, for the kids as well as parents/caregivers.  And of course, siblings are welcome!

If you feel your child would enjoy being a part of this program due to challenges or you’d just like to enjoy a Saturday morning story time with your child, come in and give it a try!  Feel free to contact Lynae in youth services if you have any questions.

*Sensory Integration Tip:

Making time each day for activities to help fulfill your child’s sensory needs can make a big difference. When our days are filled with playing at the park, swimming, jumping and spinning, your child can feel more balanced.

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