Local History: Town Hall

by Andy Poore, Special Collections Curator, Mooresville Public Library, NColdmooresvilletownhallTown of Mooresville, Town Hall, 1935

The first Mooresville Town Hall building was built in the very early part of the 20th century.  The building was located on Broad Street near the corner of Broad and Center Avenue, today the large parking adjacent to the 1st Presbyterian Church.  This building severed as the Town Hall until the current Town Hall was built in 1954.  The building housed all of the Town offices including the Police, Fire, Water, and even the Library.  The building also included the court and jail for the Town.  Located on the first floor of the building was the Fire, Water, and Town offices.  On the second was the court, the jail, police, and the library.  On the second floor was the jail which was a large square cage that stood in the middle of the room.  In the back corner of the building on the second floor was the library, which has been a Town department since 1899 when the Town paid the first librarian.  The building also served as the first meeting place of the Town Commissioners as prior to the building of a Town Hall the commissioners met in various board rooms, businesses, and spaces around the Town.  The site for the Town Hall was chosen as it was located in the center of Town – the Depot marked the exact center of the Town with the Town limits being set in a one mile radius from the building – making it easy for people to come to Town Hall to conduct business.  It was not until the 1950s that the Town offices and services had grown to where more space was needed and the new Town Hall was built; however, before that in 1939 the Library moved out of the building to its present location as more space was needed by both the Library and the Town.  The building was razed shortly after the new Town Hall was constructed to make way for the growing needs of the area.

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