MPL employees win service awards

Two of our employees in Library Circulation Services were beneficiaries of annual service awards from the Town of Mooresville this year!

Ms. Joyce LipeExemplary Service

We have all heard the term “Going Above and Beyond.”  What does that really mean?  At the Library, it means this:

  • When an elderly patron does not come into the library as usual, they can expect a call from this employee checking up on them, making sure they are ok.
  • When older patrons decide to check out more than a couple of books, they can rest easy because their books may very well be carried out to the car for them.  At the very least they will be watched out the door and to their cars to make sure they made it without incident.
  • If a regular patron is sent to a nursing home, they can expect a call or visit from their favorite employee.
  • When a regular patron passes away, the Town will be represented at their funeral.
  • If a patron is sick or loses a loved one, a card is sent to them from everyone at the library.
  • Holiday cards are sent to their older patrons to let them know how much they are appreciated.

Ms. April Llewllyn – Creativity

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.  This employee used her creativity to provide new and exceptional services for our adult citizens with disabilities.

Our employee saw a need to provide activities at the library for adults who are often left out of services and programs.  She spent countless hours researching and speaking with community partners before she started the Create and Learn program.  Create and Learn is targeted at adults with special needs or learning disabilities.  Patrons are invited to have fun and make new friends exploring different creative activities.  A different activity is offered each month with different degrees of difficulty. There are art projects such as decorating a pumpkin and creating holiday cards.  There are science experiments and book to movie discussions.  There are also opportunities to watch holiday movies.

Our employee is building relationships with members of our community and she has shown them that the Mooresville Library cares.  She does this work with such enthusiasm and love in her heart.  You can see this love in her eyes and on her face when she talks about her program.


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