Staff Picks for June 2017


Nineteen Minutes – by Jodi Picoult

I just read this book for the second time, and it still is a strong read. It’s about the long reaching and terrible effects of bullying, starting with a school shooting and working it’s way backwards to the beginning of the lives of the characters. After I finished it the first time, I immediately emailed our school superintendent and told him to read it. By the following school year it was on our high school required reading list. It will make you sad, angry, and frustrated. And then you’ll look for someone to share it with.


The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince by Mayte Garcia.

She tells the story matter of fact, showing the intense sadness brought to their dream life.  I really liked the book.

-Jennifer L.


Mockingbird by Katherine Erskine

A beautiful and emotional read.

-Megan M.


Fast and Loose by Stuart Woods

Stuart Wood’s latest book in the Stone Barrington series has the playboy attorney sailing around Maine’s Penobscot Bay in his yacht and literally running into his next adventure.  His boat collides with another larger yacht and sinks, but not before he is recued by a beautiful Swedish doctor and her wealthy father, owners of an exclusive hospital in New York.  Through a series of business dealings with the doctors, Stone lands himself in hot water and is the target of several assassination attempts.  Set in the world of the rich and famous with their private jets and mansions, Wood’s books always take us on a wild ride.


The Devil’s Triangle by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison

The latest addition to “A Brit in the FBI” series once again has Special Agents Nicholas and Michaela tangling with the Fox, a famous thief for hire.  This time the agents get a call asking for help when the Fox’s husband is kidnapped in Venice after a job goes wrong and they want her dead.  At the same time someone is controlling the weather and threatens to flatten Washington with a massive hurricane.  A lengthy thriller with a bit of science fiction thrown in, this series extends into the international realm creating fertile ground for new plots involving the FBI.  The plot could have been tighter but all in all a fun read.



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