Local History Corner: Merchants and Farmer’s Bank

Merchants and Farmer’s Bank

by Andy Poore, Curator, Special Collections, Mooresville Public Library
assisted by Travis Sherrill


Built on the corner of Moore and Main Street, the Merchants and Farmer’s Bank opened in December of 1907 as the newest bank in what was becoming a long line of financial institutions for the Town of Mooresville. The starting capital of $20,000 was quickly increased to $30,000 by 1910. In 1929, the bank suffered massive losses due to the crash of the stock market. By 1933, the bank had closed its doors for good. In 1946, the bank saw new life when Piedmont Bank and Trust opened in the old building. After Piedmont Bank moved out, the building had numerous businesses move in and out for several years. The staircase to the second floor of the bank is located in the middle of the building on the Moore Street side, and was only accessible from the outside of the building. Various offices occupied the back and upstairs of the building. The building is still one of the Town of Mooresville’s most architecturally impressive buildings and its most impressive feature, the elaborate vault can still be seen inside today.

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