Mooresville’s First Post Office: Local History Corner


Compiled by Andy Poore, assisted by Travis Sherrill

The first post office was established for the Town of Mooresville on August 7, 1871 and was located on what was known as Star Route #5213. In the early years, the post office was run out of the postmaster’s home or store if he had one. In the 1880’s, the post office moved to its first permanent home at 202 North Main Street, at the corner of Moore Street and Main Street in the Gus Morris Kippka Building (the former People’s Furniture Building and current home of the Charles Mack Citizen Center). In 1938, the post office moved down the street to the corner of Iredell Avenue and Main Street into a new building. The post office stay in this location until the 1960’s when it moved into its’ current location on Institute Street.

And as always, to take your own interactive tour of Downtown Mooresville, visit our map here

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