Wells Fargo Grant will Support Mooresville Public Library’s New Books on Wheels Program

Wells Fargo has donated a $1000 to the Friends of the Mooresville Public Library to cover the start up costs of book delivery bags and ancillary supplies for the library’s new home-bound program. books on wheels photo 10.2019
(from left to right: volunteer, Serena Sciarretta, volunteer, Marian Lytle, volunteer, volunteer, volunteer, Kerrie Castle, Ann Pardue)
Justin R. Burton, Vice President and Business Relationship Manager for the bank said, “We are proud to support the Mooresville Public Library’s Homebound Book Delivery program. Thank you for all you do to promote literacy, education, technology, community and culture.”
The library’s Volunteer Coordinator, Kerrie Castle, coordinates the program, with assistance from Friends of the Library volunteers. Serena Sciarretta selects books and supervises the circulation aspect.
Book delivery will start with residents of the area health care facilities Mooresville Manor, Accordius Health, and Curlin Commons, with plans to expand to residential home-bound patrons soon. Volunteers will deliver and pick up
5-10 books per member monthly.
Library Director Marian Lytle said, “Mooresville Public Library is honored to work with the Friends of the Library and Wells Fargo to put Books on Wheels on the road. Reading materials will be delivered in the colorful sturdy bags provided by the Wells Fargo Grant. This is a perfect example of how volunteers and business come together to serve local citizens and support the Library’s vision of being ‘Your place to connect, discover and grow.’ “

National Poetry Month


Mooresville Public Library to Offer Poetry Competition

During the months of April and May, Mooresville Public Library will be conducting a poetry competition. Interested participants must be at least 13-years-old. The first part of the competition is a poetry book cover contest that will be held from Monday, April 2 through Monday, April 30. Interested participants should pick up an application, and return it upon completion, along with your original book cover design to the adult services reference desk, located on the library’s main floor.

Throughout the month of April, interested participants will have the opportunity to attend various workshops that focus on different genres of poetry. The workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings in April from 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Mooresville Public Library. The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, 4/4, Free Verse

Wednesday, 4/11, Sonnets

Wednesday, 4/18, Rhyme Scheme

And Wednesday, 4/25, Free Verse Part II

These workshops will give those interested the opportunity to explore and write these different genres of poetry. No experience is necessary, and registration is not required. Interested participants are not required to attend all sessions; you can pick and choose which ones you want to attend.

During the month of May, interested participants can pick up an application, and submit the application, along with your completed poem to the adult services reference desk, located on the library’s main floor. Selected poems will be compiled into a poetry anthology. Visa gift cards will be awarded for first, second, and third place. Winners will also be given a copy of the poetry anthology and given an invitation to the Mooresville Public Library’s Local Author Showcase to be held on Saturday, July 28. Copies of the poetry anthology will be circulated throughout the library and available for the public to check out. Questions? Contact Megan Mosher by phone at 704-663-1062 or via email at mmosher@ci.mooresville.nc.us.

Fake News Education: Fact Versus Fake

Fake News flyer

Fact Verses Fake: How to Navigate the World Around Us

by Travis Sherrill, Library Staff, Mooresville Public Library

Have you heard the term fake news? Do you know what fake news is? The better question might be can you go a day without hearing the term fake news? Many people believe that fake news has been around since the current POTUS. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Fake news has been around for decades, since the invention of the Internet, and you could even say centuries- although back then, it was not called fake news, it was either called libel or slander. Over the next several months, we are going to look at different aspects of fake news, including some definitions, how to determine whether something you are watching or reading is fake news, and some tips that could help you potentially avoid reading or listening to fake news.

So, what exactly is fake news? Fake news itself comes in a variety of flavors. Pure fake news sites use fabricated stories to lure traffic, encourage clicks, and influence or profit using intentionally deceptive, but highly intriguing, often sensational information. Hoax sites also share false information with the intention of tricking readers/viewers. Satirical sites present news with a comical, often exaggerated spin. Born digital images and edited images alter and often misrepresent visual reality. In addition, sometimes journalists just get things wrong. The sources they choose to interview may not offer the truth or a full picture. Stories reported in process lack the wisdom and hindsight, and may be missing full context.

Be sure to join us next month as we discuss determining the validity of a source.

Food for Fines

The Mooresville Public Library will sponsor “Food for Fines”, an opportunity for local residents to help feed the hungry during this holiday season while taking care of fines owed to the library.

93465981 During the month of December, bring in non-perishable cans of food with current expiration dates. For each can donated, the Library will waive $1.00 in fines off of a library account, up to a maximum of $10.00 per account. Only fines are eligible, not fees for lost or damaged items. The Library will also welcome other donations of non-perishable food items. Suggested donations include canned soups, meats, vegetables, pasta, and other canned entrees. Food will be donated to the Mooresville Soup Kitchen’s Food Pantry. Thanks to your efforts last year, the library collected over 1000 food items for the community.

Many of our friends and neighbors are struggling to put food on the table for their families. This is your chance to make a difference in their lives.

For more information, contact the library at 704-663-1701.

Feeling Fancy: Our Fancy Nancy Tea Party

Pinkies up, it’s time to party Fancy Nancy style! On February 28, 2014 the Mooresville Public Library hosted its first Fancy Nancy Tea Party. Children were invited to come to the library dressed in their finest apparel to attend a special tea party and to participate in crafts and activities based on Jane O’Connor’s popular Fancy Nancy books.


First we listened to the original Fancy Nancy story. While I read the story, the children ate their cookies and sipped lemonade. I chose to go with lemonade instead of actual tea because children tend to prefer it, and I could serve it cold and not worry about anyone getting burned or how to keep it warm. During the reading we practiced holding our pinkies up and saying fancy French words such as merci, which is French for thank you.

The children were then invited to play at the stations set up around the room:

Create a Plume: The children made a fancy plume (pen with a feather). You simply take a feather and put it on the end of the pen and wrap it with flower tape and voila! You have a plume pen that even Nancy would be proud to tote around. I set up paper on the wall to let the children sign their signature with their new pens.


Bibliophile: Nancy loves books so I set out a variety of books available for checkout or just for reading during the program. They weren’t all Fancy Nancy books, although a great many of them were. I also included the Pinkalicious series by Victoria Kann, The Princess and the Pig by Jonathan Emmett, and several other princess themed books.


Dress-Up Station: At this station I put out dress-up clothing. I had boys and girls in my group so I made sure that there was something for everyone including Minnie Mouse costumes, fairy wings, princess dresses, a construction hat, tools, and a fireman outfit. Everybody loves to dress up and accessorize!


Star Wands: I glued a star template onto a large Popsicle stick and the children designed a spectacular star wand to take home with glitter glue, jewels, and crayons. Here is the link for the star template that I used.


Play Dough: Nancy loves to bake and decorate! At this station, the children created some culinary creations of their very own with play dough and cupcake, pizza maker, and baking toys.


Insects: Nancy also loves bugs, especially butterflies. At this station I put out a green rice sensory bin with plastic bugs (from the dollar store) and cups to scoop them up with. Here is the recipe to make your own rice sensory bin. The children learned and explored more about the insects with magnifying glasses and real bugs encased in resin.


We all had a blast reading about Nancy and getting our dress-up on. Check out more books about Nancy at the Mooresville Public Library’s website and for further Fancy Nancy ideas check us out on Pinterest and look under our Where Did You Find That? board for more crafts and activities to do with Nancy and her friends!

-Megan Mosher
Library Assistant II Youth Services